Characters Who Don’t Get Enough Love

The Lord of the Rings: Éomer

Éomer! Come on, why does no one talk about this guy!

Éomer son of Émund, Third Marshal of Riddermark, leads his Rohirrim by example. He’s tough, fair, compassionate, and fierce. Throughout the books we see Éomer flourish in action, and grow into a King.

Out of all the characters in The Lord of the Rings, Éomer is one that I rarely hear people talk about. He’s Théoden’s right hand and man worthy of Aragorn’s recognition. In the books, Éomer was waiting for the moment when he and Aragorn would draw their swords together, but it wasn’t until Helm’s Deep that this moment actually happened. Aragorn and Éomer led the effort to clear off evil forces battering the gates of Helm’s Deep. Later on, they could be seen leaning on their swords together taking it all in, and catching their breath. This was the battle that made Éomer and Aragorn brothers in arms, and this friendship came full circle during the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

And so at length Éomer and Aragorn met in the midst of the battle, and they leaned on their swords and looked on one another and were glad.

“Thus we meet again, though all the hosts of Mordor lay between us,” said Aragorn. “Did I not say so at the Hornburg?”

That’s two moments where Aragorn and Éomer stop mid-battle to lean on their swords and take in the moment. The fact that these two warriors were able to even do that is a testament to their skill. Éomer’s role was larger in the books than it was the movies, and the friendship between him and Aragorn was also stronger. When the decision to attack the Black Gates was made, Éomer cited his friendship with Aragorn as a chief reason for following his future King.

“As for myself,” said Éomer, “I have little knowledge of these deep matters; but I need it not. This I know, and it is enough, that as my friend Aragorn succoured me and my people, so I will aid him when he calls. I will go.”

When Théoden passed, Éomer became the King of Rohan, he and Aragorn brought in the new age of Kings.

And last of all Aragorn greeted Éomer of Rohan, and they embraced, and Aragorn said: “Between us there can be no word of giving or taking, nor of reward; for we are brethren.”

To end my point, if this man is worthy enough to be Théoden’s successor and Aragorn’s brother, then he’s worthy of more recognition from the masses. Éomer is a true warrior and hero in The Lord of the Rings and he should be treated as such.

Thank you for your time, I hope you join us as we celebrate King Éomer. Remember, the crownless again shall be king.

– The Wandering One

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