Character of the Week

Janglur Swifteye

Many readers will not be familiar with this strong, quick-witted squirrel warrior from the Redwall novel Marlfox, but you should be.

A quick sketch of our Character of the Week: Janglur Swifteye

Janglur and his family travel from dwelling to dwelling in Mossflower when they first encountered Marlfoxes. Something about them didn’t sit right with Janglur, and sensing danger he took his family to Redwall to warn the peaceful creatures of this sinister presence in the woods. The Marlfoxes, and their army, spent time scoping out the Abbey. In their first move they kidnapped a mousbabe for ransom. Their goal was to take the riches inside the Abbey, by force, if necessary. Janglur tried to trick the Marlfoxes into parlaying for the babe but he actually devised an ambush. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t turn out so well as it led to an all out battle that was going the Marlfoxes way until Janglur swiftly killed a Marlfox with her own axe. This was a huge event because it was believed that Marlfoxes couldn’t be killed. At the sight of their dead kin the Marlfoxes called for retreat, but they weren’t giving up yet.

Without telling too much of the story, Janglur played an important role in the protection of Redwall from these vicious predators. When they tried to attack again, Janglur was there outsmarting them, and he even killed another Marlfox in the process. Fun fact, Janglur and another animal known as the “Teeth of the Deeps” are the only creatures who have killed more than one Marlfox. That’s quite an accomplishment when you consider how ferocious those beasts were.

Throughout this story multiple heroes rose to the occasion, as is the case in most Redwall novels, but Janglur was a true warrior of Redwall. No matter how grim the situation seemed he always kept a level head, he fought with honor, and everything he did was to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. That’s why, at Of Blades and Kings, we awarded Janglur Swifteye with the Character of the Week.

Thank you for your time and remember, no matter how bad things may seem, deep roots are not reached by the frost.

– The Wandering One

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