On This Day in Middle-earth

February 28th

Éomer overtakes the Orcs just outside Fangorn Forest

A stand still takes place between the two armies, the Orcs set up a perimeter while the Rohirrim test the aim and distance of the Orc archers. Neither group is ready for a full on attack, they’re seizing up their opponent and preparing for the next move.

What is not mentioned here, is that Merry and Pippin are both still captives of the Orcs. They’re both right in the middle of this attack, hearing news piecemeal, and trying to workout a way to escape.

All this waiting makes us anxious, but as Gandalf the White said, “it’s the deep breath before the plunge.”

Thank you for your time and remember not all those who wander are lost.

– The Wandering One

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