Character of the Week

Cedric Diggory

Let’s take a moment to talk about the true Tri-Wizard Champion of Hogwarts.

Hufflepuff’s seem to have a long history of being the worst house of Hogwarts. Even though there are great wizards who were Hufflepuffs, if you start talking about them as a group…they get no respect. Then, Cedric Diggory was chosen as the Tri-Wizard Champion.

Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff, a bright young wizard, who had plenty of opportunities ahead of him, was chosen to represent Hogwarts. Finally, the Hufflepuff House was going to get the respect they deserve and everyone was feeling it, at least at the Hufflepuff table they were. Imagine being a Hufflepuff when his name was called, it probably was the coolest moment of your time at Hogwarts. Then, Harry Potter’s name was called and all the excitement faded. Everything always has to be about Potter.

Cedric, however, never let that deter his focus, he knew what the stakes were but always stayed above the drama and excitement. His strength and determination remained with him until the end. This is what defines Hufflepuffs, a strong heart and the will to do the right thing.

True heroes are defined by heart, and Cedric Diggory was a true hero. I hope you’ll join us at Of Blades and Kings and celebrate his life.

Thank you for your time and remember, not all who wander are lost.

– The Wandering One

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