On This Day in Middle-earth

September 27th

Gandalf crosses Greyflood.

Second night with Bombadil.

September 28th

The Hobbits captured by a Barrow-wight.

Gandalf reaches Sarn Ford.

Not yet ready to leave the calming presence of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, the Hobbits spend two nights under his roof.  The time at Tom Bombadil’s was strange for the Hobbits, during the day Tom’s cottage in the Old Forest was peaceful and pleasant.  At night, when the Hobbits went to bed, the magic of the forest would often disturb the Hobbits sleep, regardless, they were not happy to leave the safety of Tom’s cottage.  However, they knew they had to continue their journey, so they set off towards Bree.  The quickest route was through the Barrow-downs, a dangerous magical hilled terrain/burial ground, Tom assured them if they kept their eyes on the horizon and did not stop along the way, they would make it through safely.  The strength of the Hobbits was tested, and they failed, a powerful wave of fatigue fell over them and all they could do was stop and rest. 

Frodo awoke in, what looked like, a sacrificial tomb, the Barrow-wight had captured the Hobbits and was preparing some sort of ceremony.  Frodo acted quickly picking up a dagger he severed the hand of the Barrow-wight and freed the other Hobbits.  Once again, Tom Bombadil showed up singing a song and drove off the evil presence allowing them to escape.  You see, the Hobbits had taken his ponies on their journey, and when the Barrow-wights showed up they took off back to Tom’s cottage.  Clearly, the Hobbits were going to have trouble reaching Bree so Tom agreed to guide them to the borders of his land to the edge of the Barrow-downs.

Gandalf reached Sarn Ford today, there we know he saw what remained of the Rangers of the North’s defenses.  He knows the Black Riders have reached the Shire by now.  Surprisingly, Gandalf is actually very close to the Hobbits now,  Sarn Ford is almost directly south of the Barrow-downs.

Thank you for your time and remember, the old that is strong does not wither.

– The Wandering One

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