On This Day in Middle-earth

September 21st

Gandalf meets Shadowfax, but the horse will not allow him to come near.

He follows Shadowfax far over the fields.

They return to Rivendell.

An incredibly big moment for the remaining memebers of the company that left Gondor, today they finally reached Rivendell.  Here Frodo is able to see Bilbo again and Elrond, and his sons, return home.  It was possibly on purpose that that group arrived a day before Biblo and Frodo’s Birthday.  Tomorrow they will be able to celebrate the life of these two great Hobbits together. 

We’re jumping timelines today, Gandalf the Grey reached Edoras yesterday and was given leave to pick any horse he deemed fit.  Gandalf finally found a horse that caught his eye, Shadowfax, a descendant of the Mearas, the greatest horses in Middle-earth.  Shadowfax, of course, wasn’t just going to let anyone ride him, they had to be worthy enough of that honor.  So, Gandalf bides his time, a companion like Shadowfax is worth the effort, even if this causes a delay Shadowfax has the skill to make up the time lost.

Thank you for your time and remember, not all those who wander are lost.

– The Wandering One

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