The Rise and Fall of Star Wars: 1313

For Star Wars fans around the time of 2012, Star Wars: 1313 was shaping up to be the best Star Wars video game ever made.  At least, that was the type of hype surrounding it.  We must confess, we were caught up in that hype. 

When 1313 was revealed at E3 that year the gameplay snipits they put together blew us away.  If you go back and watch the release video, the graphics might be slightly less compared to today’s tech, but the movements and animations look somewhat similar to The Fallen Order.  Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.  We think you could make this game today and looking like that would still be good, but for the 2012, too good.

The premise for the game was, you’re a young Bounty Hunter trying to make a name for themselves, in doing so you travel to level 1313 of Coruscant.  We’re all familiar with the upper levels of Coruscant, were the Senate, Jedi Council, and various upper class individuals live.  The further down you get into Coruscant the rougher the neighborhoods get, less than savory characters make there living there, in short, it’s a breeding ground for some of the best Bounty Hunters.  The story was shaping up to be a unique experience for video game and Star Wars fans.  The developers were also trying to get a mature rating for the game too, proof we were going to get a gritty Star Wars story.  Like we said, the hype was there surrounding this game, but unfortunately it didn’t last long.  For us, all that changed when they shifted the story, or released more of the story.  Hard to know for sure if you weren’t apart of the process.  Either way, instead of playing a young unkown Bounty Hunter, the story developed into a video game about the well known Boba Fett.  Exciting sure, but for us, it’s not as exciting as a unique introduction to a new character in the Star Wars Universe.  Also, the gameplay we saw showed the main character looking nothing like Temuera Morrison.  So, we’re not 100% sure that was the plan from the beginning. That might put us in the minority, but, that’s not what officially stopped the game from being made.

Disney bought Star Wars and, for those not aware, halted production on all projects.  1313 was amongst those halted and ultimately scrapped and thrown on the shelf.  What was gearing up to be a great game from Star Wars never got to see the light of day.  Will we ever get to see this game made?  No, probably not exactly how it was originally shown with the unknown Bounty Hunter.  Who knows, Kathleen Kennedy has all of the sudden realized Disney should’ve taken more care with the Star Wars Universe than they had previously, we might end up seeing some shifts in story-making.  We’re not going to hold our breath though.

Thank you so much for your time and let us know your thoughts, do you remember Star Wars:  1313?  Were you as excited about this game as we were?  What about The Fallen Order, does that game make up for the lost 1313?  Let us know your thoughts and comments below. 

Remember, not all those who wander are lost.

– The Wandering One

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