On This Day in Middle-earth

August 18th

They come to Helm’s Deep.

“They” meaning the company who left Rohan to travel back to their homes, Aragorn, the Elves, the Hobbits, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf. Aragorn was joining this company to prolong his goodbyes and see the Fellowship off as far as he could.

The company will rest at Helm’s Deep for two days then their journey continues. During this time, Legolas and Gimli begin to end their debate as to which of their favorite regions is the most breathtaking. During The Two Towers Legolas wanted to explore the depths and beauty of Fangorn forest but couldn’t. In the books, Gandalf comes to the group as they camp out at the edge of the forest, so the trio never actually enters, much to Gimli’s delight. He, like most Dwarves, doesn’t have an inherent love for things that grow. Later on, during the Battle of Helm’s Deep, Gimli was locked in the Glittering Caves, and in his words, he’d never seen a more beautiful sight. After the battle Legolas and Gimli made a deal: at the end of everything, Gimli would take Legolas through the Glittering Caves and Legolas would take Gimli through Fangorn Forest.

It was here, during this rest, that Legolas walked through the beauty of the Glittering Caves. When they returned Legolas was speachless and went on to say that only Gimli could find words fit enough to describe the caves. Gimli responds with,

“And never before has a Dwarf claimed a victory over an Elf in a contest of words,” said he. “Now therefore let us go to Fangorn and set the score right!”

Thank you for your time and remember, the crownless again shall be king.

– The Wandering One

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