On This Day in Middle-earth

August 14th

The guests take leave of King Éomer.

Aragorn, his knights, the Elves of Lórien and Rivendell, the Hobbits, Legolas and Gimli, and Gandalf all departed from Rohan today. Arwen, Faramir, and Imrahil remained behind in Edoras.

Today was also Arwen’s last meeting with her father. She was to depart to Gondor and live her life with Aragorn, Elrond, along with all the Elves would soon depart Middle-earth. They went into the hills for a bitter parting and a long conversation.

Éomer and Éowyn bade Merry a special parting for he was Théoden’s esquire. They gave him an ancient horn of the Mark, one that had been crafted by Dwarves long ago that Eorl the Young brought back himself from the dragon Scatha’s horde. This is a mighty gift for a Hobbit who performed great deeds of his own. We must not forget that Merry stabbed the Witch-King of Angmar, his attack allowed Éowyn to lay the final blow and defeat the Witch-King once and for all.

And so it was, today the company departed again, Frodo is another a step closer to home.

Thank you for your time and remember, the old that is strong does not wither.

– The Wandering One

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