Character of the Week

Lara Croft

The determined, talented, and complete boss treasure hunter or dare we say, tomb raider.

Unfortunately, for us, we never played a Tomb Raider game until the Tomb Raider game that came out in 2013. We were sorely missing out, thr action, the boss mode that is Lara Croft was truly a revelation for us. Up to that moment the only treasure hunter games we’ve played were the old Indiana Jones games for Xbox. Tomb Raider blew up our expectations, and controlling the strong and capable Lara was the best part. Of course, Lara has been around for a long time and she deserves way more recognition for her entire career, but the evolution of her character was very exciting to see. She went from an overly cartoonized character to a gritty down-to-earth survivor.

When we first played the game it was helpful that we didn’t have a frame of reference to what the previous Tomb Raider games were like, all the same, Lara Croft was a boss this game handling henchmen, jungle animals, and mystic beings that came her way. Also we have to give a shout out for thr inclusion of the bow and arrow. Anytime we get an archer play-style we have a good time.

Lara has had an incredibly long and successful career but the future of Tomb Raider looks like it’s in capable hands. Join us as we celebrate Lara Croft with the character of the week title.

Thank you for your time and remember, all that is gold does not glitter.

– The Wandering One

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