Character of the Week


Loving Husband, caring Father, teacher, friend of Dwarves, carrier of Heads, God of War.

We never thought Kratos would hold any of those namesakes, except, well, the last two. However, his story in PS4’s God of War showcased how far the God of War had come. A character arch that started out as a revenge filled rampage has turned into a father-son story about trying to honor a mother’s last wish. The loss of his wife quietly hangs over Kratos’ head as he begins to learn what kind of kid his son, Atreus, has turned out to be. At the beginning of the game Kratos was more or less an absent father, he made sure the work around their home was completed and his family was safe. His suffered from recurring sicknesses was left at the house with his mother. This gap in their relationship is obvious because at first Kratos doesn’t understand how a kid could be so clueless, but he hones his father skills throughout the game and becomes more understanding.

This is, of course, all happening while they’re fighting creatures and gods from Norse mythology. As this pair travels from world to world they gain more experience and Kratos grows more in front of our eyes. He’s not just honoring his wife’s last wish, he’s doing everything he can to protect his kid and make him happy. Kratos throughout the God of War series is an incredible warrior, fighter, brawler, beast, whatever you want to call him, but in this game he truly becomes a protector.

We hope you join us this week as we honor Kratos with the Character of the Week title. Thank you for your time and remember, the old that is strong does not whither.

– The Wandering One

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