The Battle of Geonosis

As we continue our playthrough of Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox, I thought I’d share with you how the Battle of Geonosis played out. We hope you enjoy.

Our first mission with General Yoda went off as expected. We extracted a group of Jedi from the Genosian Colosseum, the Separatist’s forces were caught off guard and their droids couldn’t match our skill. After, we were given a new objective one that’s simple enough, but not without it’s challenges. We were to destroy the Separatist Army amassing on Geonosis. A difficult task for a group of Clones with little to no recon work, luckily, we had General Windu to help strengthen our forces.

The battle was met with many stalemates, the droids were reluctant to give up their position and were proving to be a formidable foe. We weren’t going to back down, our Clones were prepared to fight till the last man. It wasn’t until Clone Trooper 3163 joined the fight that we gained the upper hand. He piloted the LAAT/I Gunship and led an aerial assault on the Separatist’s Techno Union ships, in a matter of minutes CT-3163 and his men destroyed the ships, effectively cutting off the Separatist’s escape and severely depleting their reinforcements at the same time. CT-3163 brought the gunship down near the East Bunker and led a force into the heat of battle.

After CT-3163 and the Clones shot down the Separatist’s Techno Union ships it was crucial that the Spire was taken for the Republic. The Spire was in the center of the battlefield, as long as it was under Separatist control they could not turn the tide of the battle.

“We’re coming in hot troopers! Gear up!” a novice pilot, CT-3163 did his best to bring their Gunship down with a smooth landing, but was fairly unsuccessful.

As the Clone Troopers landed they were immediately met with blaster fire.

“Follow me!” yelled CT-3163, the Clones hurried up the hill, to the Spire, blaster fire ringing in their ears as they gunned down Battle Droids guarding the entrance.

“Hold position,” shouted CT-3163 as he reached into his pack for concussion explosives and motioned for the others to do the same. They bombarded the interior of the Spire with explosives, and moved in with CT-3163 leading the group. He shot down three Battle Droids near the West entrance while the rest of the Clones cleared the room of the remaining Droids. Not wanting to give up their center location, Superbattle Droids entered the Spire, quickly taking cover the Clones regrouped and reloaded.

“CT-10479, cover me,” CT-3163 dove out from under cover and took out two Superbattle Droids. As the remaining quickly turned towards him they were shot down by CT-10479 and the Clones.

“CT-75487, take some troopers, hold down this position, and guard the East and West entrances until reinforcements arrive. I’ll take the rest and overtake the East Bunker from the South entrance. Once reinforcements arrive rejoin us.”

CT-10479 joined CT-3163’s group and left the Spire, they gunned through Battle Droids trying to enter through the South entrance and charged towards the East Bunker. On their left a Droideka was rolling towards their troop, CT-3163 acted quickly, if the Droideka had time to break out of its roll and power up it’s shield they would be gunned down. Leading the troopers he stopped as they made their way to the bunker and opened fire. His aim was true, as the Droideka broke out of its roll it was met immediately with blaster fire, it never had a chance. Quickly he started to run to catch up with the group, as they reached the bunker they were surprised by a hiding Super Battledroid. It gunned down the unaware Clones with the rest taking cover.

Finally catching up, CT-3163 tossed his last concussion explosive and ran in, he took heavy gun fire at a close range, but with a dive and quick aim he was able to shoot down the Superbattle Droid. A nearby Clone gave CT-3163 a med pack and they held down the East Bunker’s position while the battle raged around them. The Clone troopers battle prowess allowed CT-3163 to survey their surroundings. Clones, his brothers, were falling all around them. Amongst those was CT-10479, he made a promise to himself, they were going to win this battle, even if he was the last Clone standing.

“Hold still brothers! More Droids are on their way!” Shouted CT-75487 as he and their group from the Spire provided reinforcements.  Gathering himself CT-3163 joined the fray, gunning down every Droid he could see.

His Clones were able to gain control of the Spire and the East Bunker territories, the Separatist Army was quickly depleted. CT-3163’s quick action allowed us to finally gain an upper hand.

It wasn’t long before the Driods attempted a desperate attack to turn the tide in their favor. While our forces tried defend against their onslaught the Droidekas and Superbattle Droids broke through. They sent all their forces and recaptured the Spire and the East Bunker territory.

Fortunately, for the Republic, their small victory didn’t change the tide of the battle. By that time, our forces were too many for the Separatist Droids and, quickly, there were only a few droids left. CT-3163 led the charge to capture the West Bunker and the Derelict territories. With that, the battle was won. Furious yells of victory erupted from me and my Clone brothers. We rested easy that night as CT-3163 earned himself a new call sign, Jak. He did everything during that battle.

As the Clone Wars began we knew there were plenty more battles ahead of us, but we knew that together we’d prevail.

For the Republic!

Thank you for your time, this was a little glorious retelling of my playthrough of Star Wars Battlefront on the original Xbox. As I’ve said already, it’s an incredibly challenging and fun game to play. I also enjoyed putting the battle into a short synopsis for you, I hope you welcome the new Clone Trooper Jak with open arms. Maybe he’ll make the jump to Commander one day.

Look for more new Clones to earn their own call signs in my next installment!

Remember, deep roots are not reached by the frost.

– The Wandering One

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