Playing the First Star Wars Battlefront

The Star Wars Battlefront franchise has been around for quite some time. While we played Star Wars: Battlefront II on Xbox religiously, we hadn’t had the chance to gear down and experience the first game of the franchise. To be clear, we’re talking about the OG Battlefront games, the ones that came out on PS2 and Xbox.

Some months ago the first Battlefront game became available as a free download on Xbox 360 (yes I’m still rocking the 360). Immediately, I jumped on this chance and now I’ve truly been able to fully experience this game hands on. Here’s some of my initial thoughts on the game.

First off, I haven’t beaten the game yet, I’ve just been playing the story mode, but I’m very impressed by how difficult this game is. I am playing on the hardest difficulty, but I can’t just sit there and rack up kills while my team captures bases. I feel like that’s pretty realistic though, an individual can certainly influence a battle, but if the entire company isn’t gaining any ground the mission will fail. Sometimes it’s upsetting, but it also makes the game more challenging. SW Battlefront really forces you into the action where I felt for some levels during SW Battlefront II you could let your team capture bases while you racked up the kills.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the 3rd person shooter mechanics in this game, the ability to lay down as a sniper, or any gunner, is a huge perk. I can’t remember laying down being a feature on SW Battlefront II.

So far, my favorite class and organization has been the Trade Federation’s Battle Droid Sniper. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s incredibly entertaining playing a Droid Sniper, and just being a boss. I feel like that should be an expanded story. In the LEGO Freemakers show there’s a reprogrammed Battle Droid named Roger (R0-GR), it’d be neat to see a Sniper Droid running around in the galaxy going on adventures. Maybe a rogue Jedi reprogrammed one, or maybe a reprogrammed Droid Sniper runs into a rogue Jedi and they become partners. That’d be a potentially fun pairing. Yes it’s super fun playing as the Clones during the Clone Wars, but I got my fill of that during SW Battlefront II. Playing as Battle Droids was completely new for me and I enjoyed it. Wasn’t it? I can’t remember if SW Battlefront II had Droids or not. At least the story mode didn’t, you played as Clones. Regardless, it’s obvious I never picked the Droids, and SW Battlefront forces you to play as them during the story campaign.

I’m still early on in the story line, but at this point I’ve been incredibly happy with this game so far. It’s challenging at times, but still fun to play. I’d recommend you pick it up where you can, dust off the PS2 or Xbox, and give it a go, it’s worth it.

Thank you for your time, what’d you think about the first Star Wars Battlefront game? Let us know in the comments.

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– The Wandering One

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