Character of the Week

Kingsley Shaklebolt

Well respected Auror turned Minister of Magic, not many wizards or witches in the Ministry could take an interim position and stay full term.

We first meet this talented Auror in The Order of the Phoenix, when he joined other members of the Order to transport Harry from Privet Drive to Grimmauld Place. From there he goes on to become more of a feature character for the Order. He’s apart of the group that goes on to save Dumbledore’s Army in the Department of Mysteries, he’s the Order’s main source inside the Auror’s office, he let the Ministry believe he was working to track down Sirius Black, he stepped in to keep Umbridge from laying hands on a Hogwarts student, he believed Dumbledore when he was told Voldemort returned, he dueled Voldemort alone for a moment when the Order was transporting Harry to the Burrow, he surely risked his life to let the Order know the Ministry had fallen, he’s defended himself against multiple Death Eaters at once, he single-handedly dueled Bellatrix, with the help of McGonagall and Slughorn he dueled Voldemort, he becomes one of the great Minister’s of Magic, and in the end he fought for the right thing.

Through the Harry Potter books we know Kingsley Shaklebolt was a respected Auror with skills in the Moody and Tonks range, but he doesn’t boast. He doesn’t whinge, he fights for good, for truth, and for honor. If anyone deserves their own spin-off Harry Potter story it’s this man right here. Imagine what an Auror story featuring a young Kingsley in his prime. These are the types of stories we should be getting.

This man is deserving of far more than our Character of the Week article, but sadly at Of Blades and Kings this is all we can do for the moment. Thank you for your time we hope you join us as we celebrate Kingsley Shaklebolt this week.

Remember, from the ashes a fire shall be woken.

– The Wandering One

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