Character of the Week

Tungdil Goldhand

Sorry, it’s a little bit of a spoiler to give away his last name because only full fledged Dwarves are given last names. In Tungdil’s case, this scholar turned hero was the furthest thing from a full fledged Dwarf.

Tungdil grew up as an orphan who was taken in by a magi when he was very young. This magic’s name was Lot-Ionan, and he took special care of Tungdil and taught him many things of the world. During his time at Lot-Ionan’s, Tungdil read everything he could on Dwarven culture, unfortunately, there were not any Dwarves in their kingdom and he had yet to meet one during his travels. Tundgil loved to travel and was always hoping he would find other Dwarves along the way.

Tungdil’s sheepish demeanor and novice skill in fighting truly made him a diamond in the rough in Dwarven culture. In fact, during the events of the first book, Tungdil finally runs into other Dwarves but he had no idea how to great these Dwarves, he’d never met any. Needless to say, he made an odd impression. Events turned sour for Tungdil and the darkness in his world quickly began to spread. Orcs were moving further inward and ravaging everything in sight. Quickly, Tungdil was left without a home and his friends were killed. He joined the Dwarves he ran into on their quest as the world around them is trying to stop the spread of Darkness.

The more time Tungdil spends with Dwarves the more he learns about their culture and, in time, they train him into a warrior. Tungdil is a great example of a hero who uses their heads before their brawn. He became the hero Dwarves, Men, and Elves needed by doing the right thing, helping those he could, and listening to others advice who could help him.

The Dwarves books deserve more recognition in the fantasy realm, we hope you join us as we celebrate its main character with the Character of the Week title.

Thank you for your time and remember, renewed shall be blade that was broken.

– The Wandering One

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