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Onward (2020)

We were lucky enough to see this movie in the theaters on opening weekend and we’re happy to share our thoughts on it.

Pixar has spat out instant classics like it’s nothing: The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, and Monster’s Inc. are all extremely well-known. In my opinion, Onward is the next great Pixar movie to tug on our heartstrings since Coco and Inside Out.

While Disney has been working on fun-loving movies that incorporate music into their storytelling, you can tell Pixar focuses on those movies that evoke emotions. Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Coco, Inside Out, and now Onward are all movies that could make anyone tear up.

Onward follows the story of two elven brothers, Barley the RPG table-top game loving elder brother and Ian the shy timid younger brother who’s coming of age in this movie. Yes, the setting is a fantasy world with elves, centaurs, trolls, cycolps’, fairies, unicorns, and many more, but this fantasy setting isn’t familiar. Magic has sadly died away in the world, and these fantastic creatures are living in a modern day setting where technology has forced these once glorious races to cast aside their magic for the flip of a switch or press of a button.

On Ian’s birthday their dad, who died when Ian was just a baby, left a magical gift behind for both of his sons to use when they turn 16. When the magical gift goes awry these brothers go on a quest to find the piece they need to fix it. It’s fun to see how their quest affects the creatures they meet, slowly these fantastic creatures find their old “magical” ways and return to what they were meant to be. Magic is slowly creeping back into the world now.

Onward does an amazing job putting a funny duo together with Chris Pratt as Barley and Tom Holland as Ian. The pair play the brothers perfectly and you can feel their connection through the screen. Throughout their quest Barley helps Ian break through his shell as they form a closer brotherhood than what they’ve had before. I won’t spoil the ending too much, but I will say that even though these too brothers never got to grow up with a dad, they realize they’ve always had each other.

It’s great movie for parents and kids and siblings and the whole family and well anyone! Sadly, Onward didn’t get to see the box office success it deserved in the wake of movie theaters shutting down across the world. I hope you take the time to watch this movie, if not for the great story, than perhaps for the amount of possibilities this movie creates.

A sequel for Onward should get put in the works, since Ian and Barley are bringing magic back into the world I have to imagine they aren’t the only ones. The future is bright for these two brothers, and I can’t wait to see what adventures lie before them.

Thank you for your time, we hope you take the chance to watch Onward, and remember not all those who wander are lost.

– The Wandering One

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