On This Day in Middle-earth

March 27th

Bard II and Thorin III Stonehelm drive the enemy from Dale.

10 days, for 10 days the Men of Dale and Dwarves of Erebor were under siege from Sauron’s allies in the East.

News of Sauron’s demise took a few days to reach their ears, but when the armies of the East heard what happened they were filled with dismay. It was in this moment that the Men and Dwarves, led by Bard II and Thorin III, burst out of Erebor and defeated Sauron’s forces.

After that Bard II, Brand’s son, and Thorin III, Dáin’s son, were crowned kings. The crownless lands were given strong kings to rule them.

Thank you, so much, for your time and remember, deep roots are not reached by the frost.

– The Wandering One

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