Character of the Week

Bilbo Baggins

He that walks unseen, the clue-finder, the web-cutter, the stinging fly, the friend of bears, the guest of eagles, Ringwinner, Luckwearer, and barrel-rider.

Elaborate titles for a Hobbit so proper. Bilbo, of course, never wanted to go on any adventures. He was happy living off his wealth, and content with leaving the world around him alone. Bilbo literally was the “King of the Hill,” every day he would go out on his porch, smoke his pipe, and watch the world turn around him.

Enter, Gandalf the Grey, who knew this Hobbit was more than he appeared to be. Gandalf had a gift for seeing greatness inside those who couldn’t see it themselves, and in his eyes Bilbo was destined for great things. With a little push he sent Bilbo outside his door and onto a journey of a lifetime. Bilbo fought trolls, ran from goblins, bested Gollum, slayed spiders, tricked the mighty Elves of Mirkwood, stole treasure from a dragon, and led a band of Dwarves to reclaim their home.

During this unexpected journey, Bilbo wished for his warm bed and a nice fire the entire time. However, that never stopped him from keeping his head on straight, and when the moment called for it, he rose to the occasion. He was a fighter for the good and true. As Thorin Oakenshiel said,

“There is more in you of good than you know, child of the kindly West. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell!”

The great King Under the Mountain gave all his strength to remain alive and ask for Bilbo’s forgiveness. Thorin knew how important Bilbo was to their group and needed to thank him for his service. When an individual gets recognized by kings, you know they did something great.

Join us in celebrating Bilbo Baggins with the Character of the Week title.

Thank you for your time, and remember, the old that is strong does not wither.

– The Wandering One

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